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What is a white-label platform?

A white-label platform is a software technology that is officially provided without any branding by a white-label provider to a reseller. The resellers later on incorporate their own branding and distribute access to the application as they had created it. 

White-labeling permits fintech organizations to adapt and re-identify existing financial related applications by redistributing them from a white label supplier specializing in fintech software improvement administrations. 

In what way does this relate to the financial sector?

For example, a financial technology company may integrate existing APIs (application programming interface) from a white label provider or banking entity as the fundamental basis for marketing its financial products and services. It can be stated simply that a fintech company can avail of existing applications to assemble its own branded financial product, as opposed to creating one from the ground up.

Here are some white-label apps you can try;

Best White Label Fintech Apps

1. Velmie

Velmie Client Reviews |

Velmie provides flexible and secure tools for lenders. It’s a centralized hub for an expanding ecosystem of integration partners, innovative user experiences, and scalable, complete financial service products.


  • Cards and Accounts: Set up different kinds of checking as well as savings, lending, business accounts, and split payments.
  • Payments and Transfers: Tools for making SWIFT, SEPA, and ACH wire transfers, as well as P2P and QR code payments. A currency conversion service and partner institutions for both international and domestic clearing facilitate international trade and foreign exchange.
  • Business and Retail Users: Create a financial utility for either businesses or consumers, or a hybrid market, where goods and services can be bought and sold. Set up the necessary user roles and implement business-specific procedures.

2. Crassula

Crassula (@crassu_la) / Twitter

Crassula’s White Label solutions shorten the time it takes to create personalized PSP, Banking, and FX products from months to days.


  • Enhanced Security: Multiple layers of protection, including permissions and access levels, two-factor authentication, defined roles, and audit records, help your company meet regulatory requirements and prevent security breaches.
  • Variety of Payment options: Accepting Payments Online You can use Crassula to build your own custom worldwide payment gateway for online stores. In addition to being PCI DSS compliance, the system was built to accommodate a wide variety of acquiring, non-traditional payment methods, anti-fraud solutions, risk management, merchant integration, smart routing, virtual currencies, and other payment types. It can help you provide your customers with the best possible service whether you’re operating an online store, a subscription service, or just need to get paid occasionally.
  • Card Payment Facility: Management of card distribution and usage Give your clients the option to use their virtual or plastic cards for purchases made either online or in-store. Cards can be issued, managed, and processed, with fees established; numerous currencies can be used. Keep track of all your finances in one place, from your amount to your foreign currency holdings to your chargebacks.

3. Rehive

Rehive | End-to-end white-label wallet solutions.

White-label payment networks and digital wallets for startups and e-commerce platforms. Compatible with every currency type including cash, cryptocurrency, tokens, loyalty points, and more.


  • Web wallet: A React-based, white-label, web-based payments tool. Personalized and efficient onboarding journeys for both individuals and companies.
  • Mobile wallet: React Native-powered, iOS and Android-compatible, fully-secure, white-label mobile wallet and payments apps. Biometric identification, multiple factors of authentication, contact import, scan to pay, and more are just some of the features.
  • Flexible transaction ledger system: Rehive’s backbone is an advanced transaction ledger and user administration system that can accommodate a wide variety of accounts and currencies, as well as advanced fintech features like the ability to set up fees, tiers, and limits.

4. Alphapoint

AlphaPoint | White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Money exchanges, brokerages, and tokenization of assets can all use the AlphaPoint white label infrastructure. 


  • Wallet Solution: Users are able to maximize security by adjusting wallet controls thanks to the wallet infrastructure’s adaptability.
  • Exchange Software: Be a part of over 150 exchange and broker owners who have already made the smart choice of using this safe, scalable white label technology. Organize the international trade of digital money and other digital assets based on blockchain technology, such as security tokens.
  • Yield Platform: Provide your end users with the option to borrow against their assets or stake their coins to make a return.

5. Solaris Bank

File:Solarisbank-2020.png - Wikimedia Commons

Technology firm Solarisbank also holds a banking authorization in Germany. This Banking-as-a-Service platform is based on a white-labeled API that allows you to rapidly develop and launch your own digital banking offering.

No matter if you’re building a solution for individuals or companies, these APIs will allow you to provide customers with digital bank accounts that have a wide variety of exciting features.


  • Customized Design: Consider extending your financial services to include branded debit cards and other custom designs.
  • Lending: Market your own brand of individual and small business loans to your clientele. Quickly and easily you can move around without any paperwork.

6. MyMoid

mymoid-app-logo |

You can improve your customer conversion rate by offering the best possible payment experience to your clients and managing all payment processes through your own white-labeled service. MyMoid’s solutions are flexible enough to meet the needs of any company and are not tied to any particular bank, allowing you to strengthen your brand’s relationship with its end users.


  • Take care of all cash and digital transactions.
  • Integration of all available payment channels.
  • A very low rate of abandoned shopping

7. RapidPay

Law Firm Payment Processing with RapidPay & LawPay | LEAP US

The RapidPay Wallet is a white-label mobile wallet payments solution with a number of customizable features, including an innovative interface design and multi-currency support for cross-border transactions; NFC and QR payments; P2P money transfers; and credit card integrations.


Easy and Low Cost Transaction: Offers a fix for the problems of high bank fees and lengthy processing times. It is designed for corporations that conduct high-volume, high-value financial transactions and can save up to 60% on transaction costs while also generating substantial income.

Configure Fees and Limits: Enables you to configure fees and limits, letting you regulate the loading and withdrawing rates of the account’s three primary tiers: restricted, normal, and enhanced. Activity timers can be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Safe and Secure: Protects its users by letting them track their payments from start to end. Every online purchase you make is recorded with a timestamp, unlike cash transactions, and can be reviewed at any time without having to enter into your bank account and sift through your account history.

8. Hydrogen Platform

MX Partners With Hydrogen To Drastically Cut Development Time For Embedded Finance

Providing your own financial services requires dozens of contracts, integrations, and processes. Hydrogen has thankfully done the legwork for you, cutting your time and money expenditures by over 80%!


No-Code Apps: Go to Market in Record Time with a Pre-Approved, Fully Configurable UI across Web and Mobile, with Full White-Label Potential.

White Label Design: Keep your company’s name in customers’ minds with White Label Design. Put your company’s hues and logo on the cards.

SOC 2 & PCI Compliance: Hydrogen is PCI and SOC 2 compliant and has cleared security audits by all of our partners, so you don’t have to worry about these things.

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