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Pet pigs should be provided with a variety of enrichment and housing options to reduce the effects of confinement on their mental health. The surroundings can be enriched with tools like toys and/or hanging objects to help them behave better. By keeping the animals occupied and encouraging them to exhibit positive, healthy behaviors like play, rather than negative, aberrant actions like fighting and tail biting can be avoided.

There are no specific toys for pet pigs, but routine ones for pets/babies can work. Toys that contain food are always welcomed by mini pigs. Since pigs are so motivated by food, you can use this to your benefit along with a variety of brain games.

Common pets toys, like chew toys, are usually not a hit with pigs. In a minute or two, they’ll be done playing with them. My research, and conversations with vets led me to mention toys that are particularly well-suited for mini pigs. Discover each and find the best match to your pocket.

“Did you know that pigs have a high IQ, can think and feel like other animals, and can talk to each other using 20 different sounds? Pigs are amazing animals that need a healthy setting for their bodies and thoughts to grow.”

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1. Treats

Treat Knots

You can make a treat knot using a clean cloth. Put some treats on the cloth and make a few free knots around them. Your pig can spend some time untying the knots in order to get to the treats.

Hanging Treats

Hanging treats using ropes around the cage or yard is a great way to keep your pig entertained, get it moving, and give it a healthy snack. You can give your pig a little challenge by putting small treats in water bottles with holes.

Rolling Treats

Rolling treats is another fun way to play and get some physical activity at the same time. Take a big bottle of water and make holes in it. Fill the bottle with small pieces of oats or other healthy treats, and let the pig move the bottle around to get the treats.

Treat Ball

Treat Ball is a great option because it keeps your pig both mentally and physically busy. When pigs are tired, they sleep better and are much less likely to do bad things like root up your house. For the treats or pellet food to fall out of the toy, your pig has to roll it around. It can take them up to 30 minutes or longer to get all the food out. 

2. Kiddie Pools

Pigs love to play in the water. On a hot day, a baby pool is a great way to give your pig a fun thing to do. Put some heavy toys in the small pool to make their time. Pigs will jump down to get these toys. You can also put small pieces of fruit or veggies in the water for your pig to grab as it swims around.

Foldable Pool

There are a lot of sizes to choose for a Foldable Pool. The non-slip interior is intended to keep swimmers from sliding around, and the folding walls keep water in without being too hard to climb.

Intex Inflatable Pool

A much easier model that costs a lot less than the other one. The small size makes it great for little pigs or dogs to use as a splash pool, and it’s also easy to set up and take down. Not only that, but it’s the best-selling baby pool on Amazon.

3. Playing Mat

Snuffle mats are great because they can keep your pig busy for a long time and also let them root. Pigs have a natural urge to root, which can be very destructive if not taken care of properly. Some of my friends have had their pigs trash their rugs, couches, and shoes by rooting.

4. Playing Tunnel

This is the kind of a cylindrical tunnel that mini pigs love to run through. Sometimes your pig will sleep in the tunnel, and sometimes it will be a place for them to hide when they want to be alone.

5. Piano

It has been observed that mini pigs like music, so of course it makes them happy if they can not only listen to it but also make it. Any keyboard/piano made for kids will work, as long as it’s of the right size.

6. Pits

Hay Pits

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Pigs are natural foragers, so they enjoy the opportunity to explore the grass for treats. Bury some treats (such as dry cereal, sunflower seeds, or popcorn) under a pile of new hay in a pit or a large box. Baby pigs will enjoy digging around in the fluffy hay for the tasty morsels.

Sand Pits

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Pigs can enjoy digging for food in the sand of a sandpit. However, since sand has a distinct texture than dirt, it’s not a good idea to bury anything too wet, like an apple. If you don’t want your pig to overindulge in sand, try hiding some drier sweets.

Mud Pits

A mud pool can be entertaining and useful. The pigs enjoy it, it’s good for their skin, and it keeps them safe from the heat, bugs, and parasites.

7. Boxes

Your pig will enjoy playing in a rooting box because it is simpler to clean than a hay or sand pit. Fill up a pen or a baby pool with things that the pig can’t swallow. You can use pit balls, pet animals, river rocks, or pieces of fabric that have been torn up. Throw in a few healthy snacks and let your pig explore!

Final Words

Even if pigs have food, water, and a place to live, they still need things to play with to remain busy. Mental tasks and stimulation are important for the health of your pig. This article provides you with a lot of clever ideas that won’t break your wallet to keep your pig busy and happy during the day. Try out one of these! 

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