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Spotless Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

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Having a pet at home significantly helps in reducing stress and bringing a great source of joy after an awful day at work. But it becomes a headache when it comes to cleaning their mess, this is something pet owners can relate. Especially when you’ve decorated your house with carpet flooring, because rugs and pets are simply just not made for each other.

Here are some cleaning tips which will help you keep your carpet spotless;

1. Use Vinegar To Remove Liquid Spill

Using home remedies like vinegar, water and baking soda is cool, but it’s not enough for maintaining hygienic look of your carpet. Use organic products like oxygenated pet stain remover, bio enzymatic cleaner and carpet stain remover that doesn’t contain harmful toxins in them. As normal cleaners containing toxic chemicals are hazardous to both your and your pet’s health.

Carpet cleaning items marketed as safe for pets often contain harmful chemicals. Inhaling or touching these toxins can be harmful to you, your loved ones, your pets, and the ecosystem.

DIY carpet cleaning is a better (and cheaper) alternative to using store-bought cleaning products. The following supplies are useful for cleaning up any liquid spill:

  • One cup of water
  • To make 1 cup of apple cider vinegar:
  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • An empty spray container
  • something that has been cleaned, such as a rag or sheet.
  • One that vacuums
  • Bring a rag and a spray bottle half full of water and vinegar to the problem region.
  • Use the essential fragrances you like and fresh towels (for the disinfecting effect as well as the smell)
  • Complete with all the essential attachments, this vacuum cleaner has it all
  • Taking Care of a Soggy Situation

2. Use Iron To Remove Stains

To begin, vacuum the area to get rid of any large debris and narrow your focus on the spots.  You should wash the affected regions with a solution of water and vinegar  with a ratio 3:1. Take a few minutes to let this mixture sink into the stained cloth.

Then, place a clean towel over the stain and iron it gently with a warm setting to get rid of the discoloration. In a manner analogous to an impermanent water tattoo, the pressure and heat transfer the stain into the towel.

3. Use Carbonated Soda to Remove Solid Mess

When cleaning a solid mess, the following materials will produce the greatest results:

  • Two tablespoons of baking powder
  • Tools for spreading plaster
  • One that vacuums

A towel could be used to scoop a solid debris, but this is not recommended because it will only push and smear the mess deeper into the carpet, making it more difficult to remove. To collect the dust instead, use a putty knife and gently press its edge into the carpet.

Bonus Tips To Make Your Carpet Spotless

1. Pet Training

The first and foremost tip to keep your carpet clean is train your pets not to mess with it. They must be taught of where to go when needed a poop or piss. Cats are usually easy to train as compare to dogs, but with constant efforts they can be trained too. Take them to the place where they’ve to do their business at least twice a day so that they can get used to it. And if they’ve started pooping or pissing on your rugs so immediately use high quality odor removers, because your pet’s olfactory senses are much stronger. They can sense the smell better than us, and they’ll going to reach that area again whenever they feel the urge to do so.

2. Timely Hair Trimming

Your pet needs proper hair trimming and grooming on regular basis as much as you do. If you don’t want exasperating fur marks on your carpets, then avoid it at first place. As regular trimming, bathing and combing your pet not only going to help them remain healthy but also; it’ll reduce your cleaning burden too.

3. 24/7 Ready Equipment

When you’re having a pet at home, then you must be prepared for cleaning 24/7. Especially with the carpets, a little delay would harden the stains on your rug fibers and you’ll be facing utter difficulties in removing them later. That’s why, you must know where your mops, putty knife and vacuum cleaner etc. are. Plus; keeping a baking soda at home specially for the purpose of cleaning stubborn carpet stains, will gonna be beneficial for you. And also avoid using tissue paper to remove stains at first because it’ll only going to expand the filth up to more area, use clean towels instead.

4. Hire Carpet Cleaning Services

Along with all the useful tips, it is also necessary to have your carpet cleaning done by the professionals. We’re not saying that you need it on regular basis, but having it once in a month will help you maintain the quality of your rugs for a long time. These services also include full sanitization of the house, which is a much-needed thing when you’re living with a pet. You can search for the best carpet cleaners nearest to your location on the internet. Book their appointment and give a final touch to your cleaning hustle. These are some advices that can help you enjoy freely with your pet, without worrying more about cleaning.

These are some advices that can help you enjoy freely with your pet, without worrying more about cleaning.

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