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Best Quick Pet Hair Cleaning Tips | Routine Tips

Approximately 59% of British and 70% of US households have pets. Whether you have a cute little bunny, a purring cat, or a wagging dog, you know that your pet is a major source of happiness in your life. The time invested in removing pet hair might be seen as a drawback to pet ownership. Shedding is a fact of life for all pets excluding reptiles, Sphynx cats, and other hairless breeds. A pet-free household is possible with the help of following quick and simple tips to cleaning up your pets’ hair. Let’s examine some of the more astute approaches.

1. Use Scotch Magic Tape

If you need to get rid of pet hair on a budget, this is a fantastic choice. When it comes to getting the job done, there aren’t many things better than some good old fashioned thick tape. All you have to do is to put it on the surface that you intend to clean and then peel it away. Even a single hair will be adhered to the tape thanks to the adhesive on it.


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Once the tape has been used, it can be used again (depends on the power of the glue). In every city, a variety of shops sell a wide selection of tapes. Get yourself a few tapes to use for cleaning up pet hair around the house.

2. Use Vacuum Cleaner

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to get rid of pet hair is to use a vacuum cleaner. Unlike cleaning, pet hair, debris, and harmful bacteria are not transferred through the air as the vacuum removes them from a surface. However, it is important to use the appropriate vacuum cleaner, as certain models are better than others at sucking up pet hair.


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While suction strength is crucial, there are other factors that must not be overlooked, such as ease of use, belt durability, and the efficiency of the agitator brush. You should read the reviews carefully before making a purchase. For the purpose of removing pet hair, several companies even provide specialized brushes.

“Select the most applicable option. Do not rush through running it on the sofa, mattress, or carpet. Just give it some time to finish sucking the hair and it’ll be OK.”

3. Use Window Squeegee

If you’ve tried using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of pet hair but haven’t been satisfied with the results, there is another effective approach to solve this issue. Simply use your window squeegee or windscreen wipers. Start by dragging a long-handled wiper or squeegee back and forth across the carpet.

window squeegee

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The rubber on the squeegee will help you remove the coating of tough hair from the surface. Gather all the loose hair into clumps and pick them up. Keep doing this until you’ve got rid of every last strand of pet hair.

4. Use Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves that have been moistened can be used to pick up pet hair around the house. You must first grasp the science involved. The gloves create static electricity when you brush your hands vigorously across your clothes and other possessions due to the friction between the fabric and the glove.

Rubber Gloves

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So, things like pet hair and dirt are stuck to the glove and can’t be removed. Pet hair can be collected by running your hands over any and all fabric surfaces. It’s important to keep large surfaces like pillows, bed coverings, and couches hair-free. You’ll find that many specialists who offer move-out cleaning use this method.

5. Use Anti-Static Spray

Take a microfiber towel and some anti-static cleansing spray if you want to remove pet hair from your study chairs and other high-priced hardwood furniture. This prevents the hair from returning to your furniture and instead retains it on the duster. If you don’t want to pay for professional end-of-lease cleaning in Adelaide, this is how you do it yourself.

Anti-Static Spray

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This anti-static dusting spray is also useful for bringing pet hair to the surface of carpets. After that, the carpet is ready to be vacuumed. Move the vacuum in a variety of orientations to get at the fine hair that becomes lodged deep into the rug’s surface.

6. Use Cover-ups

Put blankets and area rugs on the furniture and flooring that your pet frequently walks on. Having more hair on washable items like slipcovers and rugs helps reduce the amount of hair on your carpets and upholstery. Washable slipcovers and accent rugs have been used creatively by interior designers recently. Put down improvised fur traps with a dash of holiday flair. What a great opportunity to spruce up the place.


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Throw your cover-ups and a sheet of fabric softener into the dryer for 10 minutes before washing. Hair will become loose throughout the tumble cycle and softener, making it easy to remove from the lint trap. If you add liquid water softener to the wash cycle, even more tenacious hairs will be washed away.


7. Use Hair Resistant Furnishings

If you want pets but don’t want pet hair all over your home, natural hair-resistant furniture may be the answer. Products created from slippery or anti-static materials fall within this category. The hair simply rubs off and can be vacuumed away. 

“floor coverings of any kind — hardwood, laminate, tile, or vinyl Wall-to-wall carpeting can be difficult to clean if you have a pet that sheds frequently. Thick cotton, canvas, pleather, ultrasuede or leather, especially brushed leather if scratches are an issue (or could be).”

Hair Resistant Furnishings

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Until you have time to clean up, you might also attempt disguising pet hair. Think about getting furniture in neutral colors or prints that mix in with your pet’s fur. While this may seem like a joke, if you have a dog named Fido (or Max or Sasha) and are in the market for a new sofa, you should give this some serious consideration.

Wrapping Up

Even the cheapest rubber gloves are great for getting pet hair out of clothes. You could also wrap sticky tape around your hand and use it to brush the surface of the clothing.  When you put on your clothes, spray them with an anti-static spray to make it easier to get rid of pet hair with a brush or lint roller.

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