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Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club


Dubai Creek Golfclub & Yacht

Credit: Dubai Creek Golf And Yacht Club

Covered With a beautiful and mesmerizing waterfront of the Marina and Creek. This club has the honor of being the first golf academy in the Middle East.

Dubai Creek Golf Club is one of the best golf academies in the Middle East, known for its highly maintained and outclass golf courses. It first opened in 1993 in Dubai, UAE. The club has a rich and prestigious history of being Dubai’s second-oldest golf course. The clubhouse experiences and activities, a lake-view fine dining, drinking spots, and a state-of-the-art Park Hyatt hotel. Whether you are a guest or a privileged member of Dubai Creek Golf club, this club hosts luxurious perks.

Dubai Creek golf is second to none in adapting the new trends of golf. The facilities and perks you find here are mind-blowing. First of the bat is Swing Catalyst, a 3D motion plate technology to make the most of your potential. Then comes the golf stimulator, a whole other level of technology. With the new and improved golf stimulator, you will get a moving floor to imitate over 200 renowned golf courses. Also, don’t forget the Top-tracer technology, one of the few perks of the creek academy. Dubai Creek Golf Club also provides a golf shop and a fitting club facility, so you don’t miss any fun.

Golf Courses At Dubai Creek

1. The Championship Course

Here at Dubai Creek Golf Club, they have several golf courses. The first one is the championship course, which is the best. The golf course covers 7005 yards and has 18 holes. This is a Par 71 course with beautiful, undulant fairways with palm and date trees. This course runs along the water in some areas with many artificial lakes where artifacts are added to enhance the beauty of the golf course. The course comes with four main holes and a plus of additional holes to increase the difficulty and establishing a competitive play.

championship course

Credit: Dubai Creek Golf And Yacht Club

Championship Course

Credit: Dubai Creek Golf And Yacht Club

2. Par 3 Course

The second one is the Par 3 golf course, which has 9 holes and covered by 7301 yards. It can be supposed as a demo of the championship course. Some experienced players also use this course to outstrip their golf shots. We highly recommend this course to have a fantastic evening by trying a sunset play. You can avail the enjoyment on this course between 7 am-10 pm. Well maintained and floodlighted Par 3 course is always a great attraction to the visitors, members, and beginners to have a fun time.

Par 3 golf course is ideal for beginners to test their skills and improve them before taking the Championship course.

Par 3 Course

Credit: Dubai Creek Golf And Yacht Club

3. Mini-Golf Dubai

Dubai Creek Golf club’s third course is the mini-golf. We all want to play some golf, don’t we? Well, mini-golf is the best choice for testing golf in Dubai. Mini golf courses are specifically architectured to mimic the championship course and to give players a glimpse of the great championship golf course. Presented with the less challenging holes, this course is for every age, the ability to have fun, and the feel of being a pro golf player.

Minigolf Dubai

Credit: Dubai Creek Golf And Yacht Club

Dubai Creek Dress Code & Footwears

For Men

Tailored trousers or pants are required clothing. A T-shirt with collar and sleeves is required and must be worn at all times inside the pants or trousers. Golf jackets with a mock neck are permitted. Allowable are tailored shorts with side pockets.

For Women

Golf shirts and blouses are mandatory. Pants, shorts, or skirts are required for golf. Women’s golf T-shirts with round necks are permitted.

Forbidden Types of Clothing

  • Denim
  • Pool wear
  • Cargo & combat style trousers/shorts
  • Athletic attire (including football/soccer shirts)
  • National Dress
  • Dress shirts

Foot Wears

Golf shoes with gentle spikes or training shoes with a smooth sole are required. Socks  are mandatory.

Forbidden Footwears

  • Shoes with metal spikes
  • ‘Open’ shoes
  • Golf sandals

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club packages

Dubai Creek Golf Club offers a series of packages for regular and occasional customers. The Creek Golf academy will engage you in the best and most exciting games. They can also personalize the golf packages according to your needs. It is a perfect match-up of entertainment and social occasions for beginners and golfers to make this a memorable and enjoyable event. Every package has its own pricing and facilities. Check out the membership fee structure here.

Final Thoughts

Dubai Creek golf & yacht club is one the most prestigious and oldest golf clubs in the Middle East and has sustained its position with elegance, quality, and class. It’s a complete package of fun, entertainment, social gatherings, dining, playing golf, and many other things. Nothing can beat the services and the quality of experience Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club gives.

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